Woodbird Doc Dark Vintage Jeans Jeans Blue Vintage

Doc Dark Vintage Jeans - Blue Vintage

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Good old Doc. One of the Woodbird family’s ”Grand Old Men”. A 5-pocket cotton jeans, classic rivets, branded buttons and flyzip. No doubt, Doc is truly a classic guy – reliable and comfortable in every way. Once you’ve been introduced, you simply cannot resist his urge to be worn every day. The best part is, that the more you wear him – the better and he gets.

Doc Jeans is the true denim of Woodbird. A 5-pocket in 100% cotton, classic rivets, branded buttons and flyzip. There is no doubt, the Doc Jeans is for the denim guy, who wants to see his jeans evolve into it’s very own by wearing it, and the cool thing is, they get better with time.

Color: Blue Vintage
Quality: 100% Cotton

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