Based on our Scandinavian and Asian culture, Woodbird channels vibrant Street Expressions from Hong Kong merged with a casual interpretation in Denmark, offering contemporary streetwear to our growing community throughout the globe.


Being in this industry we feel immensly responsible for any footprint we might leave. Because of this, we work with the best consultants, certifications, and suppliers within sustainability. We have a strict policy when it comes to the social and environmental aspects of clothing production.


You’ll never not hear us tell it like it is - it is a point of pride with us. This is evident in all apsects of our communication; from dialogoues with our stakeholders to external marketing communication and tone of voice. Fx: If a product is beyond our price point, we’ll be very explicit about the reason; that we fell in love with a ce"ain expensive Italian wool fabric and we just wanted you to own it.


Woodbird is journey based on passion. For street fashion, for telling our story, and for venturing in our industry. Our vision is inspired by a deep and hea"felt ambition of wanting to belong to a community with a joint interest in diverse culture and mutural love.


Established in Jutland, 2010 by Chung W. Cheung


Marsvej 6
7430 Ikast
+45 96 600 222