Models / Nithsaya, Frede, Frederik
MUA / Emma
Video / Jeppe
Postboys / Kristoffer, Søren, Thomas
Extra / Kent, Chung, Casper, Jesse, Søren


Formal fashion is a subject which is rarely changing and is almost the same from season to season. It is rarely challenged by brands to reshape it and make it their own. Shape, appearance, cut and style is usually the same and reinterpreted in their way without losing the formal expres-
sion. We at WOODBIRD, took the challenge up to rethink formal in a perspective that would fit our brand without losing the counterpart that WOODBIRD is to formal fashion.
Postboy is a collection based on the youth and the power of youth. In 2019 the young influencers can change the whole industry by influencing their followers and everyone around them with one picture or one opinion. Postboy is a story of the young boys joining the grown-up world in post era’s
where the suit really mattered to gain social status. Today, that status is gained by other means than a suit. Streetwear, sportswear etc. is rising against the formal look and the formal look is easy forgotten in every occasion but still not in traditions. Postboy is a respectful nod and tribute to the formal look, made to this era of fashion. It is reshaped and rethought within our design DNA. With implemented humour stated between the lines and based on our instincts, this is our
way of expressing formal for SS19.