Into the Blue


We have developed a new denim collection with focus on optimizing the use of natural resources. We call it “INTO THE BLUE”. A denim collection, where focus is on the environment when producing the products.

From traditional cotton to re-used cotton – that material that is used in the production of our products in “INTO THE BLUE” are carefully chosen for our suppliers.

Did you know that it normally takes up to 70 liters of water to give a pair of jeans their unique design? With new technology and other actions, we only used 8 liters of water per jeans in our new collection “INTO THE BLUE”.

It normally takes many different steps and washes to give jeans their characteristic washed look. In the process there are used large amount of water and chemicals, that can be harmful to both the environment and the working environment.

In our ’INTO THE BLUE’ collection we have replaced these harmful washes and process with new technology and treatments, to reduce the amount of water and chemicals as well as energy consumption. 

Ozone washing:
When denim is bleached to a lighter wash it is often done with the use of harsh bleaches. With ozone washing this is no longer necessary. Ozone is a form of gas, that is extremely effective for bleaching jeans. The ozone is added as a gas to the machine, where it reacts with the staining of the jeans, and then bleaches them to the wanted colour.

Laser technology:
To give jeans a perfect washed look, it is normal to use sand, stones, or other hardy methods. Instead, we use a safe laser technology, which can very accurately add the raw details that add the finishing touch to a pair of cool jeans.

Nano bubbles:
When jeans and other denim products must achieve the right look, they have for many years been dipped and washed in large amounts of water and harmful chemicals. But with a new nano bubble technology – this is no longer necessary. Here are the non-harmful chemicals and water mixed first and then added to the denim product through small bubbles. It saves on water, chemical and energy.

For every pair of ‘INTO THE BLUE’ jeans that is sold – we donate 1 euro for charity. We not only feel that we have a responsibility to planet Earth, but also to the people, that does not have same possibilities/resources as we have. That is why we focus on making a difference for them and help them on in life.